Evangelism Diary – JAAL Survey in the mall

October 29, 2007

Last Saturday I organised a mall outreach as part of my Church’s outreach activities for the JAAL campaign. James, a friend of mine, had made a TV advertising survey which we used as both an information gathering exercise and also an opportunity to meet people that might be open to hearing the gospel. I had never used surveys in personal street evangelism before so I was keen to try this approach. We stood in the mall with clipboards in our arms next to a table filled with gospel tracts and a bowl of chocolates for anyone to enjoy.

I found it a lot slower than doing walk up evangelism, but it did lead to at least 2 good conversations about Christianity in the space of 2 hrs. (I can normally talk to 5-7 people in 1hr of walk up.) One of the people I talked to had a Church background and was quite impressed by the gospel as I spoke and exclaimed in amazement that she had never understood why Jesus died on the cross.

We had a roster where members of my Church came along to help out. I was greatly encouraged to see that each Christian who came along had an opportunity to share the gospel with another person.