Crazy Philippino Skyper

October 29, 2007

Just had a conversation with a guy from the Philippines on my skype. I jumped to the topic of his religious background and he quickly informed me that he didn’t think that Jesus was God – oops. Warning bells! (In addition to the warning bells that he was an unknown skyper!)

Well I had a bit of a discussion with him and he gave me permission to post our conversation on this blog. You might find this conversation fascinating or absolutely boring. If your response is the latter please excuse me from posting this and move on to something on our blog or the www – there are plenty more things out there more interesting. (Also – just a disclaimer; I have left all the dodgy spelling intact. The Philippino guy was all over the show so I thought that it was only fair to leave my rapid typying spelling mistakes intact.)

[7:20:50 PM] taumerald says: hello and good day
[7:22:27 PM] Daniel Chapman says: yesss……
[7:22:40 PM] taumerald says: hello
[7:23:01 PM] Daniel Chapman says: sorry, I don’t remember talking with you. Fill me in.
[7:23:24 PM] taumerald says: hi im xanthi of philippines
[7:23:40 PM] Daniel Chapman says: ok
[7:23:41 PM] taumerald says: yes its true we havent been in talk before
[7:23:57 PM] Daniel Chapman says: why do you want to talk with me?
[7:24:52 PM] taumerald says: ,,,I like to talk new people of different countries, all over and accross the oceans like what I am doing right now
[7:25:29 PM] Daniel Chapman says: ok. why?
[7:26:37 PM] taumerald says: just to make friends through skype
[7:27:01 PM] Daniel Chapman says: fair enough. SO tell me about yourself? Read the rest of this entry »