Evangelism Diary – The Launceston Show

October 13, 2007

Spent a few hours this Saturday morning doing some walk up evangelism at the Launceston Show (US eq. = county fair). Talked to a grumpy guy in a BMW, an ex-Mormon, a Wiccan, various stall holders and a Muslim. I’ll just share a couple of stories:

I don’t recommend car park evangelism (actually I do, but the last two times have been a bit ugly for me). Today, while waiting in a car park I noticed a guy drop off his son and then drive over nearby. I walked over, he was very suspicious and defensive/negative in his tone. He had a rant about aberrant evangelical sects and splinter groups and the mindless masses following tele-evangelists that he sees on TV every second night.

I asked him his opinion of the bible (as a way to change his focus from Church on to the central issue of the gospel.) He instantly jumped on me for changing the topic to the bible. He did not want to talk to me and got in his car and drove off. I could not get a question in edge ways. His final words as he closed his door were, ” of course I am a Christian, what do you think I am, a heathen?”

It did get me thinking; I need to make my initial questions focus the hearer to reveal what they think of/know about Christ and the gospel . Good questions would be:

  • What do you think of Jesus Christ?
  • Have you heard about the good news of the gospel?
  • What do you know about the bible?
  • How does someone get to heaven? Read the rest of this entry »