Crazy Mormon fun

October 11, 2007

Josh Williamson has done a great job questioning a couple of elders. In any city you may find Mormon elders walking around. After listening to this you might feel more encouraged to share the gift of the gospel with them. Listen carefully to each question and response. The interview is in 3 parts and goes for approximately 26min.

Part 1/3

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Which matters: how much you believe or the reality of the object of your faith?

October 5, 2007

This clip from SG-1 is classic ‘What Hollywood believes.’ “Yes, it doesn’t matter what you believe in – just as long as you are very serious and devout about it – that is enough to ‘get you there!”Unfortunately this is just not true. What matters must be the OBJECT of our faith; can they/it actually fulfill their/its promises?

We have a deep longing to be justified so we invent our own beliefs that seem right to us. Unfortunately, if we venture below the surface and really consider our ‘seems-right-to-me hope structures’, we will find gaping holes, bottomless pits and flimsy rope bridges ready to snap under our weight.

Jesus described himself as a rock. Building our life on Christ is the only sure foundation. The bible alone is sufficient for truth about Christ. We can’t just make up a god to suit ourselves – God has revealed himself in the bible.

Gift of the Gospel Saturday

September 29, 2007

Gift of the Gospel

I was searching youtube for a snazzy gospel presentation for this week. I got very frustrated, because I couldn’t find what I thought I needed. I wanted a presentation that showed you your need for a saviour. Here’s what I found, the words of Charles Spurgeon on the blackness of sin:

This isn’t the gospel, this is a taste of where sin leads you. What is sin? Disobeying the law of God. Lying, stealing, blaspheming, hating, killing, making gods of our own.

The gospel is this:

God will one day judge us. He sees that we are without excuse and without hope and he loves us so much anyway that he made a way for sinners to be saved. He came to this earth in the form of a man (Jesus Christ), lived a perfect life, and took the punishment for sin on the cross. When Jesus hung on the cross he paid the price for sin, then he rose again, defeating death and hell. Thanks to this amazing, undeserved gift we can spend eternity in heaven with him if we will repent (turn away from our sin) and trust in Jesus. God’s amazing love in doing this is what draws us to him. His kindness is incredible. Charles Spurgeon in this quote warns us of the peils of hell. He is right, we should be afraid of the wrath of God. Even more, we should be grateful and stand in awe of the amazing gift of life that Jesus offers us.

Fear Scale Evangelism

August 7, 2007


I am in the process of writing a script for a short film – Fear Scale Evangelism. (I would like to call it fear factor evangelism but I don’t know if that is OK.)

I want you suggestions on what is the most fearful way to evangelise, ie:

  • walk up to a stranger (wuts) evangelism
  • random call up on the telephone evangelism
  • evangelising to a family member
  • evangelising to a person you do business with
  • handing out tracts on a street corner
  • hiding tracts on cars and in public places, library books, etc
  • setting up a blog to evangelise to the lost
  • making a film and putting it on youtube
  • open air preaching to a crowd
  • etc,

Can you suggest any more categories and sugestions for the film? I think that comedy is a good way to explore the issue of fear in evangelism.

Also – if you gave a score out of 10 for the most fearful thing to do, how would you rate the bulleted list above?