Offended by a Gospel tract

December 24, 2008

Yesterday Bradley posted this comment on this blog in response to receiving one of our tracts. We are always happy to have the kind of discussion that he requested. I have move the comment to its own post, so it’s easier for people to find. Well we should start with Bradley’s comment – here it is:

I find your material not only offensive, but not at all, that is the message you are purporting to bring, in the spirit of christianity. For example, I was walking through the Murray St Mall recently, when a pleasant enough women handed me a small piece of paper – your message – stating that I (1). have sinned (2) will spend eternity (because of my sin) in hell, and(3).conveniently enough, if I accept certain conditions and adjustments I may be fortunate enough to be forgiven (for what I do not know?) by some omnipotent entity who you are, apparently, on very familiar terms with.
Now I would like to respond, does any sane person truly believe (1). if some all-knowing etc entity was in fact able to remove all my supposed sin, that he may have, in the first instance, thus created a people, in his own image nonetheless (mind boggling stuff again, but more on this later), that were a little nicer, so they did not in fact require their sins to admonished?
Good point say I. Your material, which was handed to me in a public place, I find analogous to pornography. That is, I would not want my children to read it or to try and interpret it’s message. The implications resemble a horror movie (rated R or X) and as such should not be on public display.
Thus I find your actions reprehensible, irresponsible and worse yet, the conclusions one can draw from such material, may cause physical harm – in this world – which is the only world anyone has every spoken of with any authoritative and first hand experential knowledge.

Please respond, as I am interested in debating this topic further.
So, as all matters concerning human interests, which to your mind are the most pressing, please do (respond and debate) through the site so it (the debate) is in the public domain, so others who may not yet be fully committed to to your religious ideology, have an opportunity in which they can hear other, and as equally coherent, views expressed.

This should not be an issue, since if one is convinced in their belief, then there will be little I could say or do to change it. However, if they are not yet totally convinced, then we have equal opportunity to convince them one way or the other; that is , to convince them otherwise.

Kind Regards

Bradley I am sorry that you are offended by the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ. I want all people everywhere to receive Jesus as their King and Saviour, but I also know from scripture that this is not going to happen. I am sad, but not surprised, when someone finds the Gospel offensive.

The bible teaches that we all are rebels against God from birth. We are dead in our sins against a Holy God. We desperatly need God to have grace and mercy towards us and to shine His light into our blind condition. It is impossible for us to get right with God through our own effort – we need to be saved.

In your first paragraph you intimated that you have an appreciation of Christianity. What do you think the Christian message should be?

NEW Tract delivery system!!! for sookielala’s

January 14, 2008


I am still a big time sookielala (wimp) when it comes to the one on one, street evangelicalism so I am sticking with the tract depositing by stealth.

However even depositing tracts by stealth still comes with its pit falls, challenges, fears, worries and problems!!!

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Sharing the gift of the Gospel this Christmas?

December 1, 2007

Christmas is a great time to catch up with family members and old friends you have not spoken to for a long time. You might be the only Christian in that group or you might be a Christian family with a sibling/child who is now a committed atheist.

6 tips to get you going

  1. Do your homework on the last key objection your family member had. Did they get stuck on “All religions are the same” or “Its arrogant to say that Christianity is the only way to God?” Well do some research now. Get ready to help them through it. If you raise the gospel in a conversation with them chances are they will resort to the comfort zone of the same objections.
  2. Pray – lift up the people you are likely to meet. Don’t forget that Salvation is only possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Send a gospel tract in your Christmas cards.
  4. Commit to turning around in every shopping queue and give out a gospel tract to the person behind you.
  5. Invite family and friends to your Christmas services.
  6. Watch your life witness – are you going to sin through debauchery or loose talk?

Well there are 6 good suggestions; do you have any more? Please leave a comment

Evangelism Blog focus: Irish Calvinist

September 7, 2007

Just came across Erik Raymon’s Irish Calvinist blog. I really like the Postcard Tracts – clever photos on one side and a great gospel message on the other side: very thorough and very clear for the unChurched. There is an even more detailed explanation of the gospel on the Free Gift page. Erik seems to be a pastor who has a keen heart for evangelism.  Well worth checking out!

Ten Reasons To Use Gospel Tracts

September 6, 2007

1. They are a very economical form of evangelism
2. They work while we sleep
3. They have the ability to get into a house and stay there
4. They are never afraid or show cowardice
5. They are never tempted to compromise their message
6. They never get tired, discouraged or give up
7. They stick to what they have to say and never argue
8. They can present the message when we don’t have the time
9. They can go to places where we cannot
10.They get people in the mood – they only speak when they are read

Interested? See the full article @ Reformed Evangelist. Don’t have any tracts on you? Print our Frequent Sinner tract and get going.

New FSC tract

September 4, 2007

Check out the new improved Frequent Sinner Tract.
It’s awesome. Print back to back colour tracts.
Folds up into business sized tract.

Mark of the Beast Tract

September 3, 2007

MOTB TractMOTB TractMake sure you check out our new Mark of the Beast Tract.
It might still need some work but we are keen to share it with you:

MOTB Tract