Their hearts bear witness…

November 9, 2007


I was listening to way of the master last week and was very taken by a section sent in by a listener to WOTMR, sent in this quote from “Hope Lutheran church – C F W Walter”

“There is a difference between the Law and the Gospel. All religions contain PART of the Law. Some of the heathen have advanced so far that they have even perceived the necessity to have a inner cleansing of the sole. Purification of thoughts and desires, but of the Gospel not a particle is found except in the Christian religion.
The Law is written in their hearts, Their consciences bearing witness to them, but not the Gospel, this is why we need to go to the ends of the world. Had the Law not been written in men’s hearts, no one would listen to the preaching of the law. Everyone would turn away and say “That is too cruel, no body can keep the commandments, such as these!”
But my friends do not hesitate to preach the Law, people may revile it but they only do so with there mouths, but what you say to them is the things that there conscience is preaching to them everyday! [Unless God has let them go, and that is a terrifying thought…] Nor could we convert any person by preaching to him unless we preach the law to him first. It would be imposable to convert any one if the Law had not been written in men’s hearts.”
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Crazy Philippino Skyper

October 29, 2007

Just had a conversation with a guy from the Philippines on my skype. I jumped to the topic of his religious background and he quickly informed me that he didn’t think that Jesus was God – oops. Warning bells! (In addition to the warning bells that he was an unknown skyper!)

Well I had a bit of a discussion with him and he gave me permission to post our conversation on this blog. You might find this conversation fascinating or absolutely boring. If your response is the latter please excuse me from posting this and move on to something on our blog or the www – there are plenty more things out there more interesting. (Also – just a disclaimer; I have left all the dodgy spelling intact. The Philippino guy was all over the show so I thought that it was only fair to leave my rapid typying spelling mistakes intact.)

[7:20:50 PM] taumerald says: hello and good day
[7:22:27 PM] Daniel Chapman says: yesss……
[7:22:40 PM] taumerald says: hello
[7:23:01 PM] Daniel Chapman says: sorry, I don’t remember talking with you. Fill me in.
[7:23:24 PM] taumerald says: hi im xanthi of philippines
[7:23:40 PM] Daniel Chapman says: ok
[7:23:41 PM] taumerald says: yes its true we havent been in talk before
[7:23:57 PM] Daniel Chapman says: why do you want to talk with me?
[7:24:52 PM] taumerald says: ,,,I like to talk new people of different countries, all over and accross the oceans like what I am doing right now
[7:25:29 PM] Daniel Chapman says: ok. why?
[7:26:37 PM] taumerald says: just to make friends through skype
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Lead up to Reformation Day! 3 days to go…

October 28, 2007

Angela and I are both very excited and chuffed about Reformation Day coming up this Wednesday. We never though such a thing would be celebrated till we saw a special notice in our Church bulletin informing us of a Reformation Day service this Wednesday night. It has really hit our funny bones – in a good way. If you have never heard of the reformation or reformation day, here is an extract from wikipedia that might help:

On this day in 1517, Martin Luther posted a proposal at the doors of a church in Wittenberg, Germany to debate the doctrine and practice of indulgences. This proposal is popularly known as the 95 Theses, which he nailed to the Castle Church doors. This was not an act of defiance or provocation as is sometimes thought. Since the Castle Church faced Wittenberg’s main thoroughfare, the church door functioned as a public bulletin board and was therefore the logical place for posting important notices. Also, the theses were written in Latin, the language of the church, and not in the vernacular. Nonetheless, the event created a controversy between Luther and those allied with the Pope over a variety of doctrines and practices. When Luther and his supporters were excommunicated in 1520, the Lutheran tradition was born.

‘Gift of the Gospel’: The Gospel by the numbers

October 27, 2007

I have recently come across the Westminster catechisms, it is the best orthodox Confession ever produced and is a “must read” for every Christian.However, today we are going to take a walk through the “Westminster shorter catechism” as it was written to be shared with lay people and young children, to give people a handle on huge parts of Christian theology, all while being spread over 107 small questions and answers.

The first 12 questions concern God as Creator.

Questions 13-20 deal with original sin and the fallen state of man’s nature.

Questions 21-38 concern Christ the Redeemer and the benefits that flow from redemption.

Questions, 39-84, discuss the ten commandments.

Questions 85-97 teach concerning the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. The final set of questions

98-107 teach and explain the Lord’s prayer.

So lets explore WSC for a clear, accurate, deep yet simple telling of the gospel spread over 22 of the questions

Q. 1. What is the chief end of man?

A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. Read the rest of this entry »

advice for those who find it difficult

October 3, 2007

Just sharing an article that could be of use for those who are new to personal evangelism or who read stories about evangelism encounters and think ‘I could never do that’. The article encourages Christians to ‘be a witness through their lives’ and to invite people to Church. It also encourages timid Christians to speak – or at the very least have tracts or gospel messages to give away:

“…We must speak. There must not be a shameful silence, but our words must speak of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now we have different gifts. Some of us believe that our gifts are very meagre. But the point is, we must use the gifts that we have. We must secure good pamphlets and tapes which speak of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must have a knowledge of the Bible. That does not mean that we simply take some statement of the gospel and memorize it as a little thing that we throw out. No. The gospel and the knowledge of the Bible must simply flow out of our lives.”

Rev. Carl Haak, Personal Evangelism: How?