Tell the Truth about ;)

It was wonderful to get our ‘monergism’ from the postman today. We were amazed that it was so quick, maybe less than a week from USA to Australia. What a great ministry! We ordered some brilliant books, including 2 evangelism manuals, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, by Mark Dever and Tell the Truth by Will Metzger.

Had a quick flick through both and I’m excited to have these amazing practical evangelism books in my hot little hands. One diagram from Metzger’s weighty book jumped out at me as I flicked through it. There is, of course, a detailed explanation of the diagram in the book but its something interesting to think about:

2 Responses to Tell the Truth about ;)

  1. Have you listened to the “Together for the Gospel” conference 2008? Mark Dever’s book is mentioned quite a bit.

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks, Have not yet listened to 2008 T4TG- will have to check it out

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