Evolution and Playschool

I am starting a campaign here in Australia to get the ABC (our public broadcaster) to stop playing their week of Playschool episodes themed around dinsoaurs. It presents evolution as fact to preschool children, when they are at their must vulnerable and will believe ANYTHING that a Playschool presenter tells them is true, particularly when it is presented in an easy-to-remember song form.

These episodes seem to be broadcast far more frequently than other episodes. I believe that this should stop. They are not presenting any other religious material, and if they think that evolution is not a religious view they are mistaken. It takes a great deal of faith to believe in the dodgy pseudo-science of evolution.

If you agree with me, please email a complaint to the ABC at www.abc.net.au/contact

The specific episodes in question are the dinosaur episodes. Have at them people! This should not be allowed to go on unchallenged, it is teaching misinformation to tiny tots ARG!!!!!!

Read on for a copy of the text I emailed to the complaints department…

Feel free to copy, paste and edit it to suit yourself. It would be great if you could add in some more information about how evolution has been debunked over and over again…

Dear Sir/Madam

I am deeply concerned at the number of times that Playschool Dinosaurs week has been repeated recently. It seems to be repeated more often than other themes, which concerns me because of the content it contains.

This week of Playschool presents concepts that contain evolutionary theory as if they are established scientific fact, which they are not. I and my family are bible believing Christians. I do not appreciate evolution being presented to my children at such a young and impressionable age. Children of this age believe everything a Playschool presenter tells them, whether in word, story or song. It is not the place of the ABC children’s programming department to teach children what to believe in the religious arena.

It may be your opinion that evolution is established scientific fact, not a religion. I would argue that with such enormous gaps in evolutionary theory and science still present, it takes a great deal of faith to believe such a debunked branch of pseudo-science. There is no evidence that would indicate that one species can become another, that nonliving matter can or ever has become living matter or that mutations produce advantageous differences within a species. “Things” simply do not become more organised through a combination of time and chance, no matter how much time you factor into the equation.

If you wish to believe in evolution that is your prerogative. I would disagree with you and encourage you to rethink, but I would respectfully request that the ABC stop teaching our children to believe in evolution. It is simply not your place. Evolution is an article of faith and as such not something I think is appropriate content for Playschool.

Yours sincerely,


8 Responses to Evolution and Playschool

  1. Angela says:

    Interestingly, the response I received didn’t really address the complaint I made. There was an asumption made that I objected to the theme of dinosaurs in and of itself. I thought I had made it clear that the presentation of evolutionary thinking was the problem. I have emailed back a clarification. Please pray that someone will read these emails and think about the basic assumptions that they have swallowed, then wonder about creation, the creator, sin, repentance and salvation.
    I didn’t espect that my one complaint would change things at the ABC. I think I have received the brush off that I expected. However, better to stand up against this lie than not I think. Perhaps if enough of us did then educators would at least have to rethink their basic presuppositions before presenting “the facts” to children. Maybe even someone will get saved, who knows? Only God.

  2. PyroPenguin says:

    great stuff Angela

    I email them also.
    but I did see the link to the “program standards, bias, inaccuracy/ ABC Code of Practice”

    I have not read these yet,

    however there is just to many people pushing the atheistic evolutionary world view now days! words like “mass delusion and steam roller” come to mind.

    one thing we can do is to let people know about the new anti evolution movie “expelled”


    The movie is made by a Jewish man, who is not a Christian, but is getting great reviews by Christians/Jews/creationists and anyone who has a brain that works.

    I thankfully have a few years to go before my baby girl has to be shielded from the EVIL’S of playschool (never thought I would have to say that!!!)
    but protecting our children’s hearts and minds is so important.

    Overcoming a child’s innate sinful nature is hard enough, without the given mindset that there is no God and everything got started by its self, you are just a animal…

    thankyou for bringing to our attention the NEW LOW standards that ABC have sunk to.

    from scott

  3. So, I did send them an email with the same text as given above (mostly because I was too lazy to write my own). A guy named Simon Melkman from ABC Audience & Consumer Affairs wrote a response, and I wrote him back with these apologetics below:

    “Let’s start at the beginning of the universe. Evolutionary scientists claim that all of the universe was compacted into one infinitesimal point, and that one day, it exploded. This is entirely in contradiction to Newton’s first law, the law of inertia. This law states that an object that is not moving will not move unless an outside force acts upon it to cause it to move. This means that the Big Bang theory goes out the window unless there is a higher force which acted upon that infinitesimal point. That point could not have exploded without cause.

    Furthermore, that point could not have just come out of nowhere. We know now that the idea of spontaneous generation, where objects appear out of nothing, is false. The Latin phrase for this is “ex nihilo nihil fit,” or “out of nothing nothing comes.” This raises the question “How did all matter in the universe come to be?” The only logical answer that I can find is a higher power.

    The concept of “ex nihilo nihil fit” also applies to life. According to evolution, lighting struck a puddle of mud, forming DNA molecules and thus, life. But as we both know, life cannot just spontaneously generate. This again forces me to conclude from the evidence that there must have been a higher power.”

    He wrote again to assure me that there were no references to evolution, so I dropped the subject- but not before I gave him this link: http://areturntochristianity.pbwiki.com/The-Gospel

    Even though he denied any references to evolution in the show (which I can neither confirm nor deny; I live in the US), I was able to present some thought-provoking questions concerning evolution, and I was able to give him a link to a presentation of the Gospel. Please pray for him, that God would work through the presentation of the Gospel, and that ultimately he would get saved.



  4. Here are links to R.C. Sproul interviewing Ben Stein from “Expelled:”

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpM76ymlnbA
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDJgxJOdQ04
    Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDTCMnw4EbU

    I found it to be highly enjoyable and informative. Try and watch the whole thing- it’s great!



  5. Angela says:

    Sorry to be offline on this for so long guys, not sure why I didn’t check in…

    Thanks so much for joining my small and possibly pointless crusade (oh such a dangerous word to use on a christian blog lol).

    I think that makes four of us who have complained so far, so that’s hopefully making some impact on Simon (who was the same man who dealt with my complaint too). How great that one person is being encouraged to investigate their presuppositions around this area. I will pray for him.

    I have heard grea thtings about Expelled, and will follow thos links. My prayer is that this might be what it takes to undermine the foundations of this lie once and for all!

  6. Mindy says:

    Well I can see your concern to protect all our little people! Yet we must remember that our children will always be exposed to the world and it’s beliefs and we cannot chase down every person/company or t.v. programer who does not share our beliefs. In fact I would say that it is better to expose our children to other religions/beliefs and them teach them about what we believe and why. It will do them more damage to shelter them then to expose the misteachings of other religions. This of course will be followed by alot of questions (why, why, why) but it’s better to equip our children with truth rather than just trying to protect then. I am speaking from experiance as a mother of 4 and a very inquisative 6 1/2 year old. Hope that this helps….

  7. laura says:

    i dont understand why this is such a big deal. It is proven that dinosaurs walked the earth, there are actual skeletons and endless research about them. how can informing children of previous living animals on earth be such a huge issue, and linked to evolution in a childrens program. I havent seen the episodes, however your children will find out about them sooner or later. if ‘god’ created life on earth then he obviously created the dinosaurs aswell so why shouldnt they learn about dinosaurs? okay maybe science has its flaws, but you cant deny that it provides explanations, there is no proof that god exists either. really, truthfully you cannot prove nor deny it. so u cant say that evolution isnt real because you dont know. no one knows for sure so if u have a problem with the show, turn it off. because by sensoring all the evolutionary ideas, your taking away other peoples beliefs, who may not necassarilly agree with yours. they have every right to show dinosaurs.

  8. laura says:

    having said all of this, i dont mean to offend, im mearly providing another point of view for thought. everyone has a right to their own beleifs and values, because ultimately it’s their chosen path in life. thanks.

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