NEW Tract delivery system!!! for sookielala’s


I am still a big time sookielala (wimp) when it comes to the one on one, street evangelicalism so I am sticking with the tract depositing by stealth.

However even depositing tracts by stealth still comes with its pit falls, challenges, fears, worries and problems!!!

Maybe it is demons, or maybe its just natural nervousness’s, but I can be in a multi story car park planing to deposit tracts on to a few cars either side of where we have parked. But even after 3 looks for people coming I still have trouble putting it under the wiper! It is just like there is someone watching… I still feel like someone is going to catch me and say “HAY YOU CANT PUT THAT THERE… WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”

OK I deserve the sookielala of the year for that omission!

So why did I call this post “NEW tract delivery system!!!”

well it is because I now have a cool new tract delivery system that’s why…

Behold the “TRTDSToilet Roll Tract Delivery System”

STEP 1: Unroll about half meter of toilet roll with left hand.
STEP 2: insert million dollar bill with right hand.
STEP 3: Roll up toilet roll and make it look natural.
STEP 4: wipe off the smug look on you face, that only great achievement and satisfaction of a job well done can create.
STEP 5: Turn around and unroll hand towel mounted on wall.
STEP 6: follow STEPS 1 through 4
STEP 7: Open door, walk to next toilet and repeat.

So why did I invent the TRTDS? because I am a sookielala, thats why.

OK so there might be a little more to it than that, it all happened last year when I LOADED the toilet in the Office Works, in Launcestion. After decking out the toilet with million dollar bills, good person tracts, etc… I opened the door only to have a lady looking straight at me, patiently waiting to use the toilet.

RUN AWAY!!! was the word screaming in my head! RUN AWAY!!! find my wife and child who should be right around the corner and we can coolly and calmly WALK away…

So I turn the corner and find that it was nappy changing time! To my horror just next to the toilet. So with “RUN AWAY she will be coming out soon” going on in my head, I was praying “oh dear sweet Jesus, You know that I was doing a GOOD thing, PLEASE keep her in the toilet until we get away! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Needless to say, the world didn’t end! the sky didn’t fall, the lady didn’t come out. most likely she took so long because she was reading the track, so all was safe.

what is the old saying?

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions…”

17 Responses to NEW Tract delivery system!!! for sookielala’s

  1. Angela says:

    Actually, I also like stealth tracting. It’s an atTRACTive concept. My favourite was the day I forced myself to place a tract on the shelf at the supermarket for every item I took off. I was so jittery in case they cottoned on to what I was doing and asked me to stop. Like that would have been so awful! I nearly jumped out of my skin when a lady came over to give me a pamphlet for a photo portrait, lol.

  2. pyropenguin says:

    oh I feel so relived that I am not the only one!

    My dear dear dear wife, read my post and slammed me over “WHAT??? you have a problem doing that!!!” “oh it is not hard!”

    so I have been saying to her “well you can give 5 tracts out to people in the mall next week, and put out lots of tracts on cars in the multistory car park!”

    Now the pressure in on!
    And it is hard to over come that fear of “being found out” But I am working on it.

    My wish would be that there was more info on the million dollar bill and for it to look more realistic.
    I have resorted to half crumpling it and putting it in to spots on steps where people will see it and pounce on it asap! Or poking it in a nook or crannie where someone at their leisure will be intrigued and pull it out.

    A listener had WOTMR put a Email on air that said “put the million dollar bill under your door in a hotel, sticking out just enough to be recognised and grabbed, sit and wait…
    slow foot steps walking down the hall soon become running stomps as the finder grabs the Gospel tract and runs with his apparent monetary gain”

  3. Too funny! I sure can relate to dealing with the fear!

  4. pyropenguin says:

    well I am so glad that I am not the only one!

    I used to think that it was a lack of knowledge was the main thing that kept people from sharing their faith.
    But now I see it as a balancing act between their level of awareness of others going to hell and their level of fear suppressing them.

    CEV 1Jo 4:18 A real love for others will chase those worries away. The thought of being punished is what makes us afraid. It shows that we have not really learned to love.
    AKA “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear”

  5. blessed1 says:

    Hey would you be interested in posting your blessings every Friday?? Check today’s post out and see if you’re interesting. I think the more people that spread the word the better. Sorry for what seems to be like a spam comment….I promise it’s not intended that way.

  6. rjperalta says:

    Well, it’s crude, but good. Very creative.
    God bless you,

  7. PyroPenguin says:

    well yes! but I can only guess what the finder thinks…

    oh,,, what is that???
    where did that come from???
    I had better read it… I do have time!!!

    I just need to graduate up to the street evangelism.

    blessings brother! And you did great work on the mormon posting!

  8. Not to be mean or anything, but have you ever heard of someone coming to know Christ because they picked up a random tract? I haven’t and I’ve been a Christian for most of my life. I’m not saying tracts are bad, but littering a store or people’s windshields with them is not a good way to witness. Consider these questions:

    Do you ever think about what leaving tracts all over the shelves in stores does to the employees who are supposed to keep the shelves neat and clean? I do, because I’ve worked in retail in a number of different places. This is a common way of “witnessing” though I’d say it is not witnessing at all, but is rather sheepish and cowardly. I would have been okay with anyone starting up a conversation about the Gospel with me or even the customers (management would have had an issue, but I would have been thrilled). Dumping tracts all over the sales floor would have just mad me mad. I know it also makes the average non-Christian mad as well. Those tracts don’t make it into the hands of customers who would probably be neutral on the matter because the store employees throw them away…I’d say at least 99% of your resources get wasted when you do that.

    Do you like it when people put stuff on your windshield? I don’t. In fact, I don’t care what it is, if you put it on my windshield, I crumple it up without reading it and recycle it. I’ve had this conversation with many people and almost without exception others do the same thing. Most people just throw the paper on the ground, so you’re creating trash.

    In the case of the million dollar tract, do you consider what people think about the let down of thinking they just found some cash? Obviously you do because you say something about the thrill of thinking it is funny. I’ve actually had that happen to me. When I realized it was a tract, I actually got mad. If I’m mad, then I’m pretty sure non-Christians would get mad too. Do you really think they are going to read it and think it is humorous? Most of them don’t. As a side note, I hope none of you ever leaves one of these tracts instead of a tip at a restaurant! That is the meanest thing you can do. Christians are notorious for being bad tippers. No waiter wants to work on Sunday down the street from a church. I fully realize that the message on the tract is worth much more than money, but that’s not how the wait staff will see it. They won’t even read it. Trust me, I’ve got many Christian friends who are waiters who tell me what that does to a non-Christian.

    Does anyone see the irony in sneaking around hiding tracts in odd places and being afraid of getting caught when we live in a free country? Does it make any sense to take wild shots in the dark at witnessing when we can do it every day by forming relationships and actively living out our faith? If your faith is that important to you, then you’ll have opportunities to talk about it with people you care about.

    I realize this site has great intentions and not everything you say is bad on the blog, but stuff like this post is disappointing. Christ came out of heaven to save you. He didn’t sneak around, write little notes and litter the streets with them. He got out of his comfort zone and loved on people and proclaimed the good news. Stop hiding. “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

    Grace and Peace,

  9. Bill says:


    The gospel is the message that saves (Romans 1:16). Our lives should be about the gospel and getting that message out any way possible (as long as it’s not a sin). All non-Christians are dead in their sin, and even if they get angry at finding a tract somewhere, it’s not going to make them any deader.

    God uses our efforts, including tracts, no matter what other Christians may think. Take a look at this video:

    We should encourage each other to be bold in preaching the Gospel, and while we should help each other make sure that what we’re doing is biblical, we shouldn’t question what each of us has been called to do. I am tired of having more Christians willing to criticize my evangelism efforts than are willing to help. I hope that’s not the case with you.

    Everyone of us can improve in our boldness, and if rolling tracts up in the toilet paper is something God has called us to do then, we have to be obedient. If you have a Bible verse showing that passing out tracts in this manner is a sin, I’m sure everyone would be open to correction from the Word of God.


  10. Bill,

    No, I’m not trying to discourage you or others from proclaiming the gospel message. I agree with you that it is the message that saves. I can dump a whole lot more scripture references on you that will bring both of us to the same conclusion on that matter. Please, keep sharing your faith…even keep handing out tracts.

    You missed the point of what I was trying to say entirely, or you don’t care. I’m hoping the former, because the latter would be disobedience to Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves.

    It DOES matter HOW we witness. I agree that if someone is offended by the message of the cross, then we have to live with that. Proclaim away. You have my blessing there. What gets to me is the mindset that seems prevalent in this post and following comments that it’s cool, funny and entirely appropriate to do things that I know for a fact make non-Christians mad. Do you really think Jesus would purposefully annoy people in order to bring them the good news of the kingdom of heaven? I don’t. He had compassion on them. He healed them. He loved them.

    Obviously there are no texts in scripture about rolling tracts up in toilet paper. Honestly, that’s the worst excuse a Christian can make for doing something wrong. There aren’t any verses that say I shouldn’t look at porn on the internet, but we can infer from scripture that I shouldn’t do that because of what it does say about not committing adultery.

    The same is true here. Given that I’ve told you what people in the retail industry think about these things, you should at least question the practice. Consider the following verses (since we are into proof texting): Jesus says “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31 Let’s say my job at a retail store is keeping the aisles, shelves and bathrooms clean so that customers have a good shopping experience. Let’s say my performance reviews and ultimately my raise depends on my following through on this. Let’s say my boss asks me to take extra care to clean up the sales floor and the bathrooms, because his boss is stopping by the store later that day. Let’s say I go and do a fantastic job and then a customer comes in and buys 50 things off the shelves and leaves a tract everywhere, then goes in the bathroom and rolls tracts into the toilet paper, leaves them on the sink, etc. I come back around to double check my work and find all these little papers everywhere. I do not know the extent of what has happened, but it is too late. My bosses boss is already there. They’ve already seen the mess that I didn’t clean up. When my bosses boss is not happy, then my boss is not happy. When my boss is not happy because his boss is not happy, it does not look good for me getting a raise. I need a raise because obviously I’m working for peanuts. Do you think I’m going to be fond of the person who left the tracts everywhere? No. Do you think I’m going to read the tract? Maybe, but I’m going to think that whatever it says is stupid because the person who left it is a jerk for messing things up for me when I was trying to do my best at my job.

    This sort of thing happens all the time to people in the retail world…and it comes at the hands of well meaning Christians. Similar situations like this have happened to me personally. My point in saying this isn’t to discourage you from witnessing, my point is to get you to think about what your methods communicate to the people you are trying to witness to. It DOES matter. Wouldn’t you rather hand out one tract to someone who would read it because you did something kind for them, then 500 that get thrown away because you did something inconsiderate (in ignorance…or even on purpose). At this point you can’t live in ignorance anymore because I’m trying to clue you in to what these people think and get you to care. Jesus would have and does care and so should you. You can’t argue with that.

    Consider another verse that I’ve already mentioned: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you were the person in the retail job described above, would you feel that Jesus’ concept of love for your neighbor was being demonstrated towards you? The Bible I read talks just as much about the way we live our lives to “bear witness” of Jesus as it does actually proclaiming the message of Christ. Can you honestly say you are loving your neighbor as yourself if you know that leaving tracts all over an establishment might get them in trouble or likely even just cause them frustration?

    Do you realize that most people, if you actually talk to them, think of Jesus as someone who is pretty cool and that his message of good news is awesome? Those same people think Christians are crazy…it’s because we do things without regard to what others think that leave them with that correct impression. We can perform acts of kindness and then openly talk about Christ these days because people are open to talking about him…or we can do things to make people mad in the name of “getting the message out any way possible…even if they get angry.” It’s your choice, but I’m going to go with choice A.

    Grace and Peace,

  11. Bill says:


    You’ve knocked down your straw man quite nicely. No one leaves tracts around for the purpose of having the clerks pick them up. No one has ever endorsed that. Some common sense must be exercised to avoid that.

    You’ve shared your disdain for tracts, and we disagree.


    • Gina says:

      för en pocket går gränsen på 100 kr, 150 skulle kännas helt okej för den här boken hade jag inte följt bloggen hade jag inte lagt 150 kr på en po.ectken coffee table book däremot, då hade jag lätt pungat ut runt 250-300 kr.

  12. Bill,

    Clearly you’ve missed my point, hopefully others did not. Thanks for calling me and my friends who have experienced these things “straw men.” We are not just philosophical fallacies. This stuff really happens to real people made in God’s image. They are your neighbors that Jesus told you to love. People really do think poorly of Christians for their tactless distribution of the precious gospel message.

    I believe I did say that I’m not against handing out tracts. Did I not? I’m against handing them out no matter what it communicates to the people who find them. There is a HUGE difference, and you’d do well to think about that next time you are stealthily dropping random tracts.

    The HOW is just as important as THAT you witness…whatever your means.

    Grace and Peace,

  13. Having been involved in tract ministry for over 20 years (in the Boston, Ma area), thanks be to God, i certainly believe in their efficacy. While we must be sensitive and led by the Spirit in doing so, and would not normally advise leaving any on market shelves, i might leave one or two in magazine racks occasionally. And discreetly offer them to souls inside until the management says no. And up here this would be very very rare to see, while in the Bible belt this could be too redundant and unnecessary. As for cars, and i believe c-mail is a good way if one is walking along, as long as you do not keep hitting the same people. On time a fellow soldier and i drove past a ball field on our way to a public park to witness, and i was convicted of the Holy Spirit to go tract out the players cars. I told the other guy, “one of us has to go back and get the cars.” He did and the next Sunday a lady was in church, who ended up confessing Christ. Her husband had gotten the tract and put it on her car when he got home, and that is how she came to church. Her husband ended up committing suicide in jail (the pastor did visit him).

    But a most needed place for tracts is in prayerful event evangelism where two or 3 strategically placed evangelists can give the basic gospel message. This is not the only way to evangelize, and it certainly needs to be complimented by personal conversation (which our demeanor should invite), but i contend that it is a necesary part of a corporate evangelistic effort. Gracious confrontational evangelism with tracts is typically the most effective method of starting a salvific conversation with a stranger. The story of Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch is that of a soul reading a text of Scripture that demanded an explanation, and which gave Phillip the opportunity to give, and which is what a tract can do. I can gives real stories of such. In addition, It is the most effective method of preaching the gospel to every creature, as well as waning “the wicked of his way” (Ezek. 33:8).

    But it is my experience that (around here) there seems to a knee jerk reaction to this manner of outreach by most “evangelicals.” Those who dare do so soon realize that it is most common to be marginalized by most native Christians, while commendations often come from Christian souls below the Mason-Dixon line or speak who with a Latin accent.

    Perhaps the rejection of this method is partly due to the sad fact that a confrontational type outreach also attracts those who know not what manner of spirit they are of, and seek rejection as a badge. Or who come across with an attitude of superiority or angry pushiness. But more often i think it is because of the mistaken idea that rejection of the gospel must mean something is wrong with the message or method. While the latter must be of concern, it is easily established that a confrontational means of evangelism is entirely Biblical, as Jesus Himself was a street preacher (Jn. 7:37), as was Paul (Acts 14:13-15; 17:17) and the layman Apollos (Acts 18:28). Far greater men than us, such as Spurgeon (“do not go out without your tracts.”), Torrey (“Comparatively few Christians realized the importance of tract work”) advocated the use of tracts. The famous missionary Hudson Taylor and the great preacher, George Whitefield, were both saved through reading gospel tracts. Scripture declares that God has “manifested his word through preaching” (Tts. 1:3), and the apostles were not persecuted because they simply lead exemplary lives.

    This modern aversion to pro active confrontational evangelism is part of a greater rejection to any negativity, which is part of a demonic delusion that believes that souls actually are looking for forgiveness and hungering for God, and if Christians were more loving they would come. The relatively few preachers who do encourage evangelism paint a deceptive picture of a world of hurting souls just waiting for someone to tell them Jesus loves them. But which leaves many who respond to such a picture disillusioned when they find out this is not usually the case as the reality is we live in a rich man’s society (relatively speaking), and the vast majority of souls (over 30) intuitively know that Jesus Christ is a threat to their sacred lifestyle, and are looking to get away from evangelical Christians, for the carnal mind is at enmity against God by nature (Rm. 8:7; Gal. 5:17). Which means one must go after them. Meanwhile the young, as cynical as there are (with good reason), are more searching, and purposely going to places where they congregate is needed. All need to both be invited to Christ and warned of the consequences of loving darkness over light (Ezek. 33:8; Jn. 3:19-21), which is what the apostles preached (Acts 2:32-38; 13:38-41; 17:30, 31).

    As an alternative to gracious confrontational evangelism, Christians are deceived into thinking that they are fulfilling of the Great Commission by a Christian lifestyle and demeanor that invites inquiry as to it’s cause. While this should be a cause for serious salvific inquiry, in a post Christian affluent society this is seldom the case, and most who adopt this means typically compete with the local JW or Mormon for good citizen (or odd fellow) award. And what such passivity conveys is that we really do not take their condition of their soul and eternal destiny seriously enough to make it an issue. If they were Jews and we knew the Nazis where coming perhaps we would just sing louder. Those who preach only lifestyle evangelism propagate ideal scenarios in which souls come to Christ because in a time of need they meet a caring Christian. But while this can and should happen, Phillipian jailers type scenarios are very rare, few humble AID’s patience call pastors, and the vast majority of souls are either apathetic regarding their need for salvation by faith in the Biblical gospel or antagonistic towards Him, due to religion, affluence or atheism. And while we wait for a convicted, searching soul to ask us how to get what we have, the vast multitudes go to Hell unopposed, and evidently uncared for. The early church was far more virulent than that, and the LORD and His apostles were not persecuted and killed for simply passively living Christian lives. While we Christians certainty need to show more love, for every 100 Christians who will even hand out sandwiches to the homeless, which Christians themselves are rare, a far smaller remnant will “stand in the gate of the children of the people” (Jer. 17:19), “holding forth the word of life” (Phil. 2:16) to both “down and outers” and “up and outers” alike.

    If cults witnessed after the method of most Christians, which is basically “have church” and go home till the next meeting, and compete as nice persons with the average Watchtower disciple, then they would be unknown The Mormons would still be confined to Utah. But the devil sometimes better institutes some of God’s building plans in erecting a tower of Babel than those who resided in the high tower of Christ do. And in seeking to save our collective Christian life we are losing it. While some churches are growing, it is mostly because they have sheep from the pasture of others. Meanwhile nationwide atheism and the Wiccan religion are the fastest growing among western youth, and if the present rate to attrition continues, non-Christians would outnumber Christians in the U.S by 2050*.

    All this being said, the true conversion of souls, in turning many to righteousness to the glory of God – and which i myself come much short of – must overall be the driving objective, and in so doing one can not make one form of evangelism the only one, or exclude other Biblical forms of such.


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  15. David says:

    Loved reading your contribution. God bless!

    I recently produced a short video titled ONE QUESTION for evangelizing the lost and posted it onto my Son’s YouTube channel at: Christofboy1. I need help in distributing it.
    The short “synopsis” of the video is:
    The most important question — let’s call it the “One Question” — you’ll ever have to answer for yourself, is answered in this short video using straightforward logic.
    Here’s the link:
    Thank you and God bless!!

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