Happy Reformation Day!


The EA blog team want to pass on a very happy Reformation Day greeting to you. We are very grateful for the reformers of the past and those of our day. There is a special Reformation Day service at St. Andrew’s Church, 7:30pm in Launceston this evening if you are in the area. It’s hosted by a group, coincidentally named Evangelical Action. I might do a short reflection on the service when I get home tonight.

If you would like to send an email greeting to a friend, you are welcome to use any of these. Georgie made them for us fresh today:

happy-ref-1.jpghappy-ref-2.jpgHappy Reformation Day

Also, if the Reformation is a new idea to you and you want to know more there is a lot of stuff on the web. Reforming my mind had a good post you might like to check out.


2 Responses to Happy Reformation Day!

  1. courtney says:

    I attended the Reformation Day service tonight, and was really impressed with the message. It struck me about half way through that we wouldn’t be here today if these men had not put their lives on the line to speak the Word.

    Why should we who have the blessing of that Word keep it to ourselves and be hesitant to share it? God tells us it is our duty to share it.

    I was pleased that I was able to hear God speaking to my heart and hopefully to so many others about the faithful spreading of His Word.

  2. Thanks Courtney,

    I’ve just finished writing up my notes from that special service. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

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