Big Picture Evangelism

I think it is safe to say that the ministry of WOTM TV/Radio has sparked new action in personal evangelism and street evangelism in many places in the world. Reproducing what you see and learn on the TV series is a great way to start out in evangelism. I still use the ‘good test’ and many principles of evangelism I have learnt from Ray and Kirk. As I have continued to practise personal evangelism I have discovered that there is definitely a need for God’s gifting and wisdom. Everyone has a different set of understandings, circumstances and concepts and there is much good that can be done for the lost by discovering where they are coming from. Here is an extract from an article from The Third Millennium:

When it comes to specific gospel methods, Reformed theologians affirm many different approaches. Basically, any method that tells the truth about Jesus and man’s plight, and that freely offers the gospel to all who repent, is a biblical method, and may be used. In fact, many times we have to invent new methods to reach new kinds of people.

In the past, Reformed evangelists have often stressed ways of applying the gospel to specific people in their specific circumstances. If a person feels guilty, we emphasize the fact that man is a sinner and that God will judge us, and we emphasize the forgiveness that comes in Jesus Christ. If a person feels lonely, we emphasize the fact that our sin prevents us from having fellowship with God and with others, and the fact that restoration of that fellowship is available through Jesus if we repent and follow him. If a person feels hopeless, we can agree that life in this sinful, fallen world offers no real significance or hope for human existence, but we can also speak of the restoration of the creation that God is accomplishing through Jesus, and of the hope of resurrection and fulfillment that all believers share.

Whatever the situation, there is an aspect of the gospel that applies directly to each sinner. Finding that point of contact helps us to speak meaningfully to people. And because every aspect of the gospel is related to every other aspect of the gospel, each point of contact can be expanded to reach all the other details of the gospel. So, if we have a “big picture” of the gospel, we have many ways available to present the gospel to others.

There are many ways to summarize the gospel. Of course it includes personal elements, but at its core it is the gospel of the kingdom of God. That is, the gospel is the good news that God is restoring creation, making it fit to be his kingdom. God is extending his royal reign to earth, and redeeming humanity to be his royal priesthood. He is redeeming humanity by forgiving the sins of those who repent and have faith in him. This forgiveness is offered on the basis of the atoning death of Jesus Christ. When we repent and plead for salvation on the grounds of Jesus’ death, God begins to apply to us the benefits of Jesus’ death, including justification and eternal life. The goal of our Christian lives is to glorify God our king, and to live as joyful, happy people in his kingdom. Life on earth can be hard and difficult for believers, but we look forward to the day when God will finish the gospel work he started, making a new heaven and new earth, and giving us glorified bodies and complete freedom from the presence of sin so that we can live eternally and reign with him.

by Ra McLaughlin


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2 Responses to Big Picture Evangelism

  1. bereket says:

    please i want to have four pictures which shows
    1.eve and adams failure
    2.execuse through sheeps blood
    3.redumption through jesus blood

  2. Daniel says:

    Sorry, don’t have all those pictures. I could do a bit of a web search and see what I can find for you.

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