Gift of the Gospel Saturday

Gift of the Gospel

I was searching youtube for a snazzy gospel presentation for this week. I got very frustrated, because I couldn’t find what I thought I needed. I wanted a presentation that showed you your need for a saviour. Here’s what I found, the words of Charles Spurgeon on the blackness of sin:

This isn’t the gospel, this is a taste of where sin leads you. What is sin? Disobeying the law of God. Lying, stealing, blaspheming, hating, killing, making gods of our own.

The gospel is this:

God will one day judge us. He sees that we are without excuse and without hope and he loves us so much anyway that he made a way for sinners to be saved. He came to this earth in the form of a man (Jesus Christ), lived a perfect life, and took the punishment for sin on the cross. When Jesus hung on the cross he paid the price for sin, then he rose again, defeating death and hell. Thanks to this amazing, undeserved gift we can spend eternity in heaven with him if we will repent (turn away from our sin) and trust in Jesus. God’s amazing love in doing this is what draws us to him. His kindness is incredible. Charles Spurgeon in this quote warns us of the peils of hell. He is right, we should be afraid of the wrath of God. Even more, we should be grateful and stand in awe of the amazing gift of life that Jesus offers us.

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  1. Your written gospel there lacks law for my taste. I think that you really ought to go through the Ten Commandments before giving them the Good News. Perhaps one day, you could go through them one by one? 🙂

    God bless you all.

  2. By the way, that video reminds me of the song “Sinner Man,” which goes something like:

    O sinner man, where you gonna run to
    O sinner man, where you gonna run to
    O sinner man, where you gonna run to
    All on that day

    Run to the sea, the sea was a boilin’
    Run to the sea, the sea was a boilin’
    Run to the sea, the sea was a boilin’
    All on that day

    Run to the cave, the cave was a crumblin’
    Run to the cave, the cave was a crumblin’
    Run to the cave, the cave was a crumblin’
    All on that day

    etc. You get the point. Fun song. I heard it done as a gospel song. It lacks the law, but lays the point.

  3. Angela says:


    I’m not entirely happy with this presentation either. I’ll revise it as soon as I can. I think I got a bit timid there after some feedback on the tracts we have been producing from some christian friends. So your comment is a real encouragement, thanks!


  4. No problem, Angela. I really do appreciate everything that you and the team do here. I love checking up on this site!

    To comment on the tracts on this site…
    – Family Values: Doesn’t have enough law, not enough explanation of hell
    – Frequent Sinner: Better, but I think it should go in more depth on the law. Also, I think that it should mention that since God is holy, he must send us to hell.
    – Choose Path: Still not enough law and hell
    – Mark of the Beast: I can’t view it.

    Here, take a look at this site for some ideas of the kind of thing I’m thinking of (obviously I like the “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” teaching about lots and lots of laying the law):
    Take this one:, it’s their Million Dollar Bill.
    The message on it is:
    “Here’s the MILLION DOLLAR question… Are you good enough to go to Heaven? Let’s see… Ever told a lie? Ever stolen anything? Ever used God’s name in vain? Ever looked with lust? Jesus said “Whosoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Listen to your conscience. If you are guilty of these then God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. That means eternity in hell.

    The Good News is, that’s not God’s will. Picture yourself in a courtroom guilty of many serious crimes. The Judge sentences you to life in prison or a million dollar fine. As the guard leads you away, someone you don’t even know comes in and pays your fine in full. That means you are free to go! How would you feel about that person? That’s what Jesus did for you 2,000 years ago. He took your punishment upon Himself and then rose from the grave – defeating death.

    The Bible says: “God commends his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” God wants to grant you eternal life. Confess and forsake your sins. Place your faith in Jesus Christ alone to save you. Repent (turn from sin) and put your trust in Jesus Christ today. Then God will grant you eternal life. Don’t wait until tomorrow… You may not have another day. Read your Bible daily and obey what you read. God will never let you down.

    Still slack on hell, but it clearly shows the law and what to do.

    God bless, I love you guys.

  5. Try mark of the beast again – I just checked it and it seemed to work.

    • Fanny says:

      I love your writing and the honesty and emotion and humor you somehow manage to convey all at once, and I hope you're able to return to writing more. And I suggest a gel or shellac manicure – this stuff lasts 2 weeks and is inriltductebse. I ride horses and still can't manage to ruin a shellac manicure.

  6. Oh yeah, I see it now, Daniel. Thanks a lot!

    Alright. Let me make it clear for you what I like to see on tracts:
    Law, law, law! 🙂 How else do you show someone that they are a sinner but by the law?

    Thanks to you all.
    And Angela, don’t lose heart! I appreciate the work you do!

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