Six Steps – week 4 – CONNECT

Well done everyone who had the patience to wait the extra week for this step!

I liked this week, it was short but to the point. Basically it was around figuring out who we know who isn’t saved and thinking about what we can do to witness to them. I especially liked that we were encouraged not to wait for a friendship to develop. Yeah! As most of us know really, if you wait for a friendship to develop, it gets harder to witness and share your faith, not easier.

When we are saved we are freed to serve (1 Cor 9 :19-23 & 10:31-11:1, Gal 5:13-14). The best service we can offer to those we know or meet is to witness to them.


2 Responses to Six Steps – week 4 – CONNECT

  1. georgiearm says:

    so true! is there a study guide that you are going through that i could lay my hands on?
    my cleaing lady (lovely woman) is someone i am aware of being in need to hear the gospel.. but as you said.. everyweek that passes is a week where its left unsaid.. even my 2 year old asked her today “so.. do you have a bible?”.. i could hear this conversation from another room and thought “man.. if she can do it why cant i?!”

  2. Angela says:

    Absolutely, it’s available from Matthias Media, and it has an accompanying dvd. The course is called Six Steps to Talking About Jesus.
    We haven’t covered much yet on what you actually say (apart from a good session on the gospel, which is a great start), or how to get conversations turned to the spiritual. So unless that’s covered in the next couple of studies, I would recomend some extra stuff, like the WOTM stuff as well.
    2 year olds make great evangelists! Mine puts me to shame with the tracts as well.

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