John Legg

Got a spare 50min? This is a recent Church message by John Legg (WOTM, Melbourne) that is well worth listening to. I have heard half of it and it is a great challenge for people who may have entered the Church through a man centred gospel. I look forward to your comments. The message is entitled Impostors In Our Midst.

8 Responses to John Legg

  1. Paul says:

    Just wanted to say that your web sight has been a huge encouragement to me over the last few years. I’m extremely introverted and gravitate away from people. I’m a person that can go a weeks/months without having any conversations with people other than transactional ones. My world is silence, but I know God wants me to end the silence. With God I know this can change, and will change. I pray that God will use continue to use your web sight and other resources to help me change.

    will be listening to the message posted later.


  2. Great to hear from you Paul.

    One of the first steps in sharing the good news is to build rapport or relationship with the person you are witnessing to. We start relating naturally and culturally before moving to a spiritual conversation.

    Tips on relating to people:
    Ask people specific/detailed questions (not just general questions)
    Look people in the eye
    Listen to what they say
    Reword what they are saying to make sure you got it
    Pick up on something they said and discuss that further – listen carefully for hooks that they offer you, they might just briefly mention holidays, football, etc.
    Be ready to learn from them – I have learnt a lot of things from just talking to people – people know a lot of interesting stuff.
    Draw on your strengths and own interests to add to the conversation

    Topics to discuss:
    The weather (seriously – this is a good topic) often leads to gardening, sport, etc.
    The place you are both in, mall, building, factory, etc
    Travel/holiday plans
    Goals, ambitions, dreams
    Family, children,
    Childhood memories/experiences

    It sounds like you have transactions in your life, the next step would be to practise turning them into conversations.

  3. Josh says:

    I love this message… right up until the last few minutes where John pronounces to all and sundry “Christ died for you”. This is fine if you know that everyone you are preaching to is a believer or will be by the end of the message or you qualify that you are speaking to the believers present… but just not true if we don’t have this knowledge or know that there are many unbelievers hearing the message. Jesus actually died in the place of his people, his sheep… dare I say it, the elect chosen before the foundation of the earth (Read Ephesians 1). The idea of this universal atonement or general purchase of forgiveness that is conditional upon the choice of dead sinners is not biblical…and either John accidently slipped up in his preaching and made a statement that had these implications of a universal and conditional atonement or he actually believes that Jesus died for all the sins of all men and that the saving difference is dependant on the response of a totally depraved human to choose that they will be saved. This message is so close to the way that Jesus presented the gospel – the good news of salvation, law, repentance and faith but all mixed up and different when you say “Jesus died for you” instead of “Jesus died for sinners” or “Jesus died for his people” to all men. Jesus died for those that he will give faith…. He does not leave salvation by faith in him up to the individual to choose or reject. He actually commands all men everywhere “to repent and believe” and makes his children willing in the day of his power, gives sight to those that were spiritually blind so they can actually appreciate the offer of salvation and makes alive those that were spiritually dead so that they can hear his voice and respond savingly. These exact same words “Christ died for you” are used in the WOTM tracts. They aren’t true. Sorry to be pedantic. But I think truth is worth being pedantic over especially when it is so clear. All the reformed confessions agree that Jesus atonement was actual. He really died as a substitute for names and faces – all those that the Father has given him. He did not give himself generally as a potential sin offering, or conditional atonement – his life, death and resurrection purchased everything needed for the salvation of all his people and only his people. Who are those people? Let’s evangelise and find out!

  4. I am right with you on that Josh. I have actually emailed my concern about this to John Legg and he has generously offered to call me later this week to discuss it. I am really looking forward to his call. I have such respect for him as an evangelist. I gave him a link to some of my thoughts on this in June.

  5. Josh says:

    I think you could still be saved hearing this message…. It is mostly true… I just want to consider the implications of all that I say when I evangelise… want to be faithful and as John says be one of those that say “Lord, Lord” and take care to do his will, live righteously and speak truthfully about “the Truth” to those that are still children of the the lie.
    Hope my words can be seen as constructive not destructive. I am also open to being shown that I misinterpreted John Leggs words in the final minutes of this great sermon.
    Regards to all.

  6. Josh says:

    awesome Daniel, way to go on the pro-active quest for faithfullness – I need to learn from that!

  7. Here is an extract from the email that I sent:

    Hi John Legg (I hope this gets to you via this email address)

    I watched the trailer on google for the October training session and saw a guy say the thing that really concerns me and I have heard it in your open air messages (I think). I know that you are aiming at being as biblically faithful as possible and I think that by being careful in how we say Christ died for his people, Jesus laid his life down for his people – not – Jesus died for you.

    I think that just changing that one thing makes so much of an impact in our message becoming faithful and truthful about the work of Christ on the cross – it was an actual atonement taking away the actual sins of his people (whom he knew before the Earth was made)

  8. ross austin says:

    Josh, in the words of Dave Hunt, What love is this?

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