Evangelism in the park: Daniel’s reflections

First met Jess and K. We chatted for a while about councils, work, etc. It was cold but nice overlooking the river. After chatting for a while I enquired about their Christian background and what they think happens when people die. K. said that he was open to anything but taking him through the ten commandments he quickly asked us to stop our discussion and move on to other people. They accepted some tracts which was nice.

Josh came and we walked along the flood barrier and met some a man and woman hugging and watching the scene before them. After introducing ourselves and explaining that we were Christians out evangelising the lady said that they were both committed atheists and she refused to talk to us.

We went into the skate park and met Tim and Ryan. They listened carefully to our presentation of God, the law, judgement and the gospel. Please pray for these guys.

On the way out of the skate park there were two dads watching their kids ride their bikes. We talked for a bit about football. When I asked it they had a Christian background one guy said that he was a Christian and the other guy said, “If I wanted to be a Christian I would go to Church to find out and I wouldn’t listen to guys coming up to me like you two.” This didn’t really make sense. The guy was very anti-Christian and would not even take a tract.

On the way back to the car we met two rollerbladers, Lynden and Warwick. Lynden had a Church background in the Seventh Day Adventists but was not very active in it and Warwick had no Christian background. We had a real good chat with them both and they listened carefully to our explanation. 

Josh witnessing to Lynden and Warwick

If you are a Christian and able to pray for God to continue his work in the lives of the people we met today, please do so. 


2 Responses to Evangelism in the park: Daniel’s reflections

  1. Georgie says:

    Hi dan,
    It’s really great to hear how many people you are reaching.
    I am so pleased that you guys are doing this important work.
    Keep being brave and faithful.

  2. Thanks Georgie,

    We are happy to do it. Appreciate the encouragement.

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