Sunday hour of evangelism (our first alien)

Josh and I went out witnessing for about an hour and we shared the gospel with 5 people and handed out a couple of tracts to others.

I arrived late and Josh was already witnessing to Valentino. He was a mature man with a black polo shirt and red braces. He had a large chunky silver necklace and spoke with a strong European accent. I am not exactly sure if he claimed to be an extra-terrestrial or if he claimed to be somehow in contact with aliens, but he was not ready to listen to the gospel. He had all sorts of clunky ideas that he countered with in response to the presentation of the gospel and he was very secretive and said that he was not permitted to tell us stuff. Strangely enough he did encourage at the end to continue to preach the gospel.

After a quick prayer we headed to wards the skate park. 3 girls lay on a picnic rug stroking their white dog. The all had trendy sunglasses on and one of them was busy receiving calls on her mobile while we chatted to them. They had a Catholic school background and were quite blasé about anything to do with Christianity. They all listened well as I explained the good test. Josh confirmed at the end how the commandments show us what God’s character is like – holy, just and good.

We left the girls and headed under the flood barrier and talked to Dave in the skate park. For the entirety of our conversation Dave swore heavily and blasphemed intensely. We met Dave resting on a mountain bike as he watched his two boys doing tricks on their BMXs. I had a good natural conversation with Dave about his background and what he does for a living.  I have worked doing the same job as he does so we shared about that. At one point he made a joke about suicide and that was when I asked, ‘what do you think happens when you die?’ He believed that he would just go into nothingness. Josh and I then spent some time overcoming his ignorant objections to the authority of the bible. I took Dave through he good test – he really thought he was good but then he started to make a joke about everything. It was weird – Dave was constantly changing between caring and not caring about his eternal destiny. Dave was very proud and I thought it wise to not go on to share the gospel. Josh did give a small mention of the gospel in answer to one of Dave’s questions. I am concerned for Dave.

We left the afternoon joyful and thankful that we had an opportunity to glorify God. I took a camera but didn’t get any footage of the witness encounters to share and spruce up this post. I will try to do something like that in the future.

4 Responses to Sunday hour of evangelism (our first alien)

  1. fjp2u says:

    Daniel, Josh:

    I commend you on your obedient efforts to reach out. My group just finished WOTM course here in Chandler, Arizona. Our first outing got rained out – we are in our “monsoon” season. I hope to share some fishing stories with you some day, Lord willing!

    Thanks for sharing, even the “unsuccessful” trip can encourage the rest of us to be about the Father’s business.

  2. Hi F.

    I would really like to hear how you go.

    I actually think that we were successful: our primary objective was to glorify God through evangelism. There is also a concern for their eternal condition that drives me and I also want to be faithful to God in sharing the gospel. It is a great comfort to know that Salvation is of the Lord and that He can do it.

    Don’t be afraid to share the law and the gospel with concern and compassion.


  3. Sonja says:

    Hi! I am leading the WOTM course at my church. I have been giving out tracks and dropping them in restaurants,etc. I have had a couple of witness encounters and I know they were convicted. The Holy Spirit will do His part all we do is sow the seed. It is a blessing to be a witness for the Lord. I thought I was saved last year but I wasn’t. It is the law that convicts us and the law of Moses brings us to Christ. Being fishermen for Christ expect blessings to come your way!

  4. You go Sonja,

    That is great to hear of your evangelism zeal. It is important to be involved in giving the free and universal offer of salvation to all people – it is easy to get timid or lazy.

    What is involved in the WOTM course? Is it the School of Biblical Evangelism or is it showing the DVDs of the TV series and doing the bible study?


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