print your own glossy photo tract

If you are looking for a biblically solid tract that you can give out to people here is an idea for you.

Frequent Sinner Photo PrintoutThe FSC tract that we all love is now formatted as a jpeg. You can go to the full image, right click, save and print it out yourself: either at home or a photo kiosk (15c -60c per print in Australia). Harvey Norman do the 15c print – I am going to try it out there today. That means I’ll get almost 7 tracts for $1 or 70 tracts for $10.50. That might be a bit expensive if I was going to give them out randomly on a street corner but I plan to give them to people after I have a talk to them about the gospel in walk-up evangelism. The FSC is a great tract with a lot of detail that you just can’t find on most other tracts out there. It would be the sort of thing that some guy could sit down at home by themselves and really get stuck into it.

I trust it will print out in really well for you but let me know if it needs to be modified.


2 Responses to print your own glossy photo tract

  1. Great tract! Very sound…

    Can’t wait to get some printed!

  2. I did get some printed at a ‘digital photo lab thing’. It worked OK. I had to shrink it slightly and this left margins down each side which I manually trimmed. I folded it up into a quarter size with the logo on the front. It’s now a nice tiny tract. The only problem is that it does spring back from a fold up position.

    I am considering getting it professionally printed on a double side card – then it becomes a matter of the more you get printed the cheaper the individual tract becomes.

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