Exceptional Evangelism Training – Mp3 Download

Last night I listened to a brilliant and compelling lecture by Curt Daniel on why reformed Christians (and any Christian) must evangelise. The lesson is strongly reformed but it is also wonderfully balanced in holding the paradoxes that seem to exist in the doctrine of salvation.  

This is a 5 star lesson that you must listen to if you are a Christian. If you have heard Hells Best Kept Secret you will appreciate this teaching and it may move you further along to an even more biblically faithful understanding of how to present the gospel to non-Christians. I appreciate the Way of the Master but I am coming to understand that there is more that can be done in improving our Gospel presentation to be more biblical. I think this message from Dr. Daniel can provide some missing information to help us get there. I want to run a series on this Lecture because it has many insights that I want to share. Please download it today. If you use windows, right click and select ‘save as’ from the menu that pops up. Its 55mins and only 6.5Mb.

5 Responses to Exceptional Evangelism Training – Mp3 Download

  1. billphillips says:


    I enjoyed listening to the sermon. Towards the end, he mentioned the motivation for evangelism is obedience to God. The glory of God and obedience are more than adequate motivation, and the reason we should do everything in our lives.

    I’m still struggling with whether hell should be a motivating factor for evangelism. I certainly don’t think it’s wrong to have that as a motivator, but I’m just not sure it makes any sense if you believe in Calvinism. People are going to their eternal destiny regardless of what I do, right?


  2. Hi Bill,
    Thanks a lot for listening to the message. I have listened to it 3 times already because there is a lot in it. Thanks a lot for posting too. I’ll have a go at answering your question:

    People are going to their eternal destiny regardless of what I do, right?

    I think I understand what you are asking. It is a very deep question and it has startling implications for both the Calvinist and Arminian. It really shows a how small Arminianism is – if people do have free choice to call on God then we have a tremendous responsibility to be out there evangelising 100% of the time with 100% fervor, zeal, etc. But because no-one ever does that how much guild must the Arminian bear – there are people out there that the could have persuaded to choose God. There are people that could have believed in God if they had been given and opportunity to hear the gospel.
    I don’t want to go into that side of things too much but try to answer your question. What you are asking is can we have the motive of ‘People are going to hell so I better tell them about the gospel!’ if we are a Calvinist? Is it important that they hear the gospel if they are not chosen? Well, lets keep it balanced. Just as Dr. Daniel’s lecture on evangelism said: we are responsible to share the Gospel and there may be blood on our hands if we do not do it.

    People are going to their eternal destiny regardless of what I do, right?

    Bill, I think you might be wrestling with a seeming paradox. There are things that God has revealed to us. These things are in the Bible. There are also things that God, in His wisdom, has not revealed to us.
    I think it is important to consider the deep things of God, such as the doctrine of election and the sovereignty of God in all things. It is important that we don’t always keep our heads in that cloud however, but also be grounded in the simple and obvious commands and of our Lord and Saviour – go and proclaim the free and universal offer of the gospel to all people everywhere. Lets have compassion for lost people. Let’s pray always for them that God would call them to repentance and faith in Christ alone. Lets challenge them and urge them. This is the work of the Christian in this world.
    It is a strange thing – we know that God is the only one that can give salvation and that He will only do so to those whom He chose before the world was created. So why should we bother to witness? That attitude is called hyper-Calvinism and that is so perfectly addressed towards the end of the message. Please skip towards the end and have another listen, its at 46:40.
    All people are unable to believe in the gospel but they are still responsible to respond in repentance and faith. We are called to witness to all and we have the great joy that the sheep of God are out there and that the sheep will hear the voice of the Saviour in our gospel message and respond in faith and repentance.

  3. billphillips says:


    That all makes sense. I guess if hell helps motivate someone to be obedient, then that’s a good motivation. It was by far my main motivation when I first started witnessing. But now I think my main motivation is to glorify God–like you’ve said before.


  4. Eric says:

    Hey my e-mail is smoothevip@gmail.com
    I dont know where to download it, send me the fcuking link. Or send me the mp3 to d/l
    Thanks 🙂

  5. julian says:

    I couldn’t find the MP3 download you are talking about at the top of this page…help

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