Having a ‘pull your head in’ moment

Today I had what I can only describe as a ‘pull your head in’ moment. This is an Aussie saying referring to having a ‘big head’ or pride, and therefore the necessity to pull it in.

At Church I was asked to share a bit about myself. I didn’t worry about carefully planning what I would say, but just wrote down some points that I wanted to quickly cover. I said some things that I didn’t want to say (I bagged out a Church movement) and I missed out some stuff I wanted to say (about my family and repentance and faith).

Afterwards I was quite embarrassed as there were many people much more knowledgeable about God and I had exposed myself with some dribble about my passion for evangelism and shared some of these stories. I was proud and self reliant thinking that it would be simple for me to do. Although this was a negative experience for me, I learnt some things:

  • pray for wisdom and grace from God if you ever have a chance to speak (I didn’t pray);
  • don’t bag out anything;
  • plan it thoroughly – less is so much more – be diligent;
  • considering what needs to be said and the simplest way of saying it.

One Response to Having a ‘pull your head in’ moment

  1. rjperalta says:

    Oh how different it is when speaking to the church in the four walls setting, isn’t it?
    Why is that?

    Good points,

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