Attack of the flies!

Yesterday after school some high school kids from another school (different uniform) skated by my classroom. I went out in a happy tone to talk to them about the gospel. One was a Christian and the other wasn’t. I had a good opportunity to use some tracts and then take them through the good test and then explain the gospel.

In the middle of all this the weirdest thing happened – a mob of tiny flies swarmed all over the young man. It would have to be at least 50-100 flies. He did a good job listening to me but was obviously distracted as he tried to swat them all away. I don’t normally consider things in a ‘super spiritual’ way, but I couldn’t help but see the enemy attempting to stop this encounter.

Anyway, we got though our discussion and yes – I pointed him toward and eternal perspective: “None of us know how long we have here and there is nothing more important than knowing where you will go when you die.”


8 Responses to Attack of the flies!

  1. Satan must be a real pansy is a couple of flies was all he could muster. 😛

    How’s that kid you witnessed to doing? Have you heard from him since that encounter?

  2. P.S. I guess that Beezelbub (“lord of the flies”) is a fitting name for ‘im, eh? 😛

  3. Thanks for your encouragement. Sorry if I sound like I’m jumping on you, but I wouldn’t say that Satan is a pansy because there is no way that I can stand against him – he would devour me every time. Christ is my only strength against him. He is the victor who has crushed him. In Christ is our only chance of resisting Satan’s assaults.

    Thanks for enquiring about the young man. I might not ever see him again as he was just passing through the school, but who knows? I will make a post on him if I get to speak to him again.

  4. Coops says:

    Hey I think it’s great you didn’t go out and tell him off for skating on the school grounds – especially as a non student! Loving the stories, keep them coming. 🙂

  5. Pastor Chris says:

    Great story. As you’ve reflected on the encounter, what might you have done or said differently?

    As you listened to him, what did he see as his spiritual need? I know that you like to use the law to point out the spiritual need, but was there one before you got to that?

    I just finished teaching this week on listening for spiritual thirst. Its just something that’s on my mind. You’ll see something about it over the next few days on my site.

    As always, i enjoy reading your stuff.

    Pastor Chris

  6. Thank you Chris.

    I enjoy your probing questions. I don’t think the kid had any idea of a spiritual need prior to our encounter. What do you mean by – “spiritual need”?

    I will check out your posts on the subject of spiritual thirst.

  7. Pastor Chris says:

    On Spiritual thirst, there are many reasons people are seeking after God. Some seek after Him for forgiveness, the longing for community, the longing for the Divine, a longing for connection to something outside themselves, guidance, healing, and likely a list of other things.

    From all my conversations over the years of listening for where people are spiritualy thirsty, I see that the gospel is more than just law and grace — its adoption, guidance, purpose. The gospel has many facets to meet each person at their point of their spiritual journey. Give me a few days to recover from traveling and you’ll likely see something at my weblog.

    Pastor Chris

  8. thanks Chris. I’ll check soon.

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