tract surprise

I was busy putting groceries in the hot car with my family yesterday and I saw a guy in waiting in a car passenger seat. He had his head shaved and was playing ‘death metal’ loudly on the car stereo. I thought about giving him a tract and also thought of some excuses. A tract was all I had time for as my family had to get going. So I went over. He was very interested and thanked me for the tract. I saw him reading it as I drove away. I was surprised by his reaction – his tone in what he said revealed that he was genuinely interested.  I am sorry that I didn’t have more time to talk with him.So there you go – I was really apprehensive about even giving him a tract but I was really surprised at his reception. I am really encouraged to never underestimate a person or try to guess their likely response. 


5 Responses to tract surprise

  1. Coops says:

    Hey, thats great, what tract did you give him?

  2. I gave him the ‘smart card’. It’s one of my favourites. He was putting his thumb on the red square to do the test as I drove off. I love it when people try it. (see the link in ‘tracts that i use’)

  3. rjperalta says:

    So true.
    “never underestimate or try to guess their response”

    I had a guy yesterday who was listening to me share the Gospel. When I finished I went over to him and asked if he had a relationship with God. He immediately showed me a beautiful tattoo on his forearm. It was the nails of the cross shaped in a cross.

    He also writes “Hip hop” music for God. It is awesome to see and hear what God is doing with people in there twenties out on the streets.

    Get ready for a move of God that is going to shake this world to the core. The young people are going to be at the forefront,on fire for God.

    Thanks for the good post,

  4. Hi Richard.

    Thanks so much for your post. Its great to hear how you are out there preaching the Godpel of Christ. Well done. Don’t ever shrink back. I know that is often a reality to not give our best efforts. Focus on your audience’s final destination if they dont repent of sin and trust in Christ.

    Keep on going!


  5. rjperalta says:

    Thanks Daniel,
    Good advise.

    Grace to ya,

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