wimping out – what is with that?

Had some time up my sleeve on Saturday so I went down the mall to do some evangelism. I walked through the mall but didn’t witness to anyone. There were a few different people that were sitting down waiting or smoking but I didn’t approach any. In reflection I think I was just was waiting for something special to happen. I was waiting to get in ‘the zone’ or something. I don’t really know what happened, but I bought some donuts and came home. The only evangelism I did that day was to hand out a few tracts.

 Wow, I just got into ‘wimp out mode’. I think of all the other times I have been in similar situations and what helped me was to just dive in and make a splash. I hesitated a couple of times and then I just blew it all away. I just wanted to share this post to encourage others that I am not some super evangelist, but that I can get all wimpy sometimes too.  Fear is a reality in every encounter.


4 Responses to wimping out – what is with that?

  1. blessed1 says:

    You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You didn’t wimp out. Maybe it will be one of those lessons, you couldn’t recognize, until next time your out. Everything we do serves a purpose in His will. This too will serve it’s purpose…

  2. rjperalta says:

    I can relate!
    I have been evangelizing for years and I can truly say that most times, we have to take the initiative. Once we do step out, God meets us there.

    Yes, it must always be led by His Spirit, but sometimes I think we want God to do everything. All we want to do is just walk or sit there and expect God to say everything, do everything etc.

    Like I always say, “what did He give you a mouth for?”
    No, besides eating?

    Much Grace to you as you share Christ,

  3. Thanks RJ

    I am encouraged by your comments. Its a bit like diving off the deep end, the more you think about it the less likely is your chance of doing it. You can even stop and worry about it to the point that you climb back down the ladder. Thats how I behaved that Saturday.

    I like your sense of humor too.


  4. Pastor Chris says:

    The larger point is that you are making an effort. You might not always have a moment to share, but when you make an effort, you can always be praying.

    Evangelism ultimately is God’s initiative. As long as we are open to being used, we will be. We don’t have to force conversations when we are prompted by the Spirit.

    At least, you have made the effort to make yourself available.

    Pastor Chris

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