The very latest breakthrough in modern evangelism…:

This in from a leading news report:

“The Church has been totally missing the point of evangelism! Now a leading group of scholars have unlocked the secrets that the Church has neglected since bible times. They are calling it… The Way of the Masochist!

Wow, and I thought doing The Way of the Master was tough. I have been doing it all wrong. Now I have discovered the very latest method in evangelism.

Just joking really; I guess anything is OK to pull in a crowd. What I am concerned about, however, is what their gospel message might be. Jesus will give you excitement? Jesus will give you strenght to do mighty things?


2 Responses to The very latest breakthrough in modern evangelism…:

  1. Jeff Fuller says:

    Great Photo! Reminds me of that Power Team I used to see on Christian television years ago — those guys who broke blocks of ice and tore phone books in half. Such great feats of strength from people with such a flawed message! Not sure their circus show qualified as the “all things” that Scripture states in “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

  2. Thanks Jeff,

    Yeah, I used to go to those sort of meeting and got so excited when people responded by walking down the front. It was all about getting people to respond. I would dance around and praise the Lord for that wonderful spectacle.

    Now I understand that is not so important that we are able to lead people in a prayer, but that they hear a biblical presentation so they can know there true condition, then forsake sin and trust in Christ.

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