6 y.o. witness encounter

Kids can say silly things sometimes. Yesterday I was talking with a 6yo and his Mother and we were talking about what he wanted for Christmas and he said. “I want a clothes line so that I can hang myself up in the sun till I die.”

This was a pretty strange thing to hear him say and his mother told him off for it. I decided to ask him what he thought happened when he’d die. He said that if he was good he would go to Heaven or if he was bad he would go to Hell.

I was surprised that he had heard about Hell and I wanted to correct him on the way that people get to Heaven. I said, “How good does someone have to be to get in to Heaven”?

He didn’t have a real answer. I took him through the analogy that if you broke the law the judge will have to sentence you on that offence, no matter what other nice or good things you have done. What needs to happen is for someone else to come along an pay your fine so that your case can be dismissed. I then went on to explain what Jesus did on the cross to pay for our crimes against God.

This was the first time that I have attempted to explain the gospel to someone so young and he seemed to get it. I tried to simplify my language. It was good that the Mother was there too because she got to hear a clear explanation of the gospel at the same time


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