Take the chance; always be ready to go for it!

While picking up some equipment for school today I had an opportunity that I created using God’s help and the “smart card” gospel tract. I gave the tract to a Allison; a very clever young lady who put the equipment in the boot of my car. She listened carefully as I talked and questioned her. She said that a friend of hers was a Christian but she was not. She listened very carefully and was very grateful for me taking the time to talk with her. She did not previously understand why Jesus died on the cross. I was able to tell her that Jesus was being a sacrifice for her very real sins of lying, etc, that she admitted to. I told her that Christ will give her His righteousness if she repents of her sins and trusts in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The discussion went much better than I am able to recount – Allison really seemed to get what I was telling her. All this took less than 4 minutes. I had such a buzz driving away in my car. Please pray for Allison that God migh cause the seed to grow in her heart.

Can you spare 4 minutes to share the gospel today? If you are a Christian you are qualified to do this sort of thing. Don’t let fear stand in your way. Get some good quality training. I thouroughly endorse the Way of the Master: www.wayofthemaster.com. I have looked at a lot of evangelism training in my time but this is the training that finally has got me witnessing.


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