Witnessing to someone who was a great person – 2 evangelists

Evangelism Reflection by Daniel Chapman 

I have been out this evening with my wife at an awards function and we had the opportunity(took the opportunity) to witness to 2 people. The first was an elderly lady (pushing 60) who turned out to be a Christian already. It was a bit nerve wracking for me to swing it into Christianity but I just had to do it when she started talking about good people and bad people (my ears pricked up -> a good segue was at hand). After a bit of a discussion and inquiry about her Christian background I concluded that the lady was already in Christ and we encouraged each other.

After the big award for the evening was dealt out we met another woman in social chit chat- she was an old school friend of my wife and a successful local politician (ex. Mayor). She had a nice conversation with my wife and I joined in some of the time. Then, all of a sudden, when the conversation lagged (the new woman was a fast talker) I smashed in with the question. “Do you have a Christian Background?” She was very polite and said that she wasn’t a Christian but had talked with some pastors of a leading Christian group in the city as part of her political role

My wife and I took her through the good test. She had never lied or stolen in her life (that she can remember) but had blasphemed and committed adultery of the heart. She still, however, thought that she was a good person and could not understand that God had a standard of goodness that was different from her own. In fact, being a good person seemed to be particularly important to this woman, and very much a part of her philosophy. To think badly of herself might have been too much of a shift for her. I let her know that our greatest need was righteousness. We encouraged her to get a bible and read it.

Reflection on same encounter by Angela Chapman

This is what I took away from our evangelism efforts of last night (see Daniel’s post for the 23rd). Our second witnessing encounter, with a lady I didn’t actually go to school with, but knew through activities we shared outside of the education system, left me incredibly saddened. To hear someone who has just been invited to look into the mirror of God’s perfect law and assess their condition admit to being a sinner is always a good start. But to then hear them consider the outcome on judgement day and conclude something along the lines of “I still think I’m a really good person and I’ll be happy to face God on judgement day and if He judges me according to the commandments I still think He’ll agree I’m good…” is a bit heartbreaking. I mean, what a huge gamble! What could we do except try and get her to read a bible and find out who this God is and what He is like and what He requires of mankind? She was still not ready to hear the gospel, still totally proud and self-righteous.

We trust that our God is more than big enough to use our puny efforts to break through a little and follow up with more of His divine plan. Please pray!


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