Free Willy!

Just read this today about reformed faith and evangelism:

“It is the doctrine of free will …that destroys evangelism. The teaching that God loves all men simply reassures sinners that all is well with them. The idea that Christ died for them only confirms them in the mistaken notion that their situation is not desperate. To say that they have the critical choice in their own salvation – that God depends upon and is waiting for them – just establishes them in their rebellion against God and teaches them that they are as gods! It does nothing for the salvation of lost sinners!” Rev. Ronald Hanko

Interesting, the doctrine of free will was brought up by the dude and his wife that I witnessed to on the weekend. If I had read this before then it could have given me a good response. God is not obliged to rescue anyone. He choses who he will save, because doing so brings him glory!
I think I need to do a lot more study on the doctrine of free will…


[added @10pm: just found a massive source of teaching on free will — – ]



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