A Spicy Encounter

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Wow, I feel really amped at the moment. I have just come home and finished off the lamb vindaloo which I went into the Indian Take-away to get. I’ll give you a short run down on what happened there.

I got out of the car and had million dollar tracts and a couple of optical illusion tracts and, because I didn’t have a big enough pocket, held them in my hand with my wallet. When I went to pay it was really obvious that I had something that looked like a $100 note in my hand. There were 2 girls serving (they did a great job, and the food was yummy.) I had been making some small talk up till that point so I just went for it.

“Hey, which one of these do you think is bigger?” I said as I held up the illusions.
Interest ensued as they both took turns guessing. From there I gave them each a million dollars and said that it was a gospel tract. I then went on to take them through the good test on just lying and stealing. I felt really comfortable and it seemed that I was relating to them well. One girl was really closed off and had a concerned look on her face – but she listened – and the other girl was really interested and smiled and seemed to enjoy as I talked about her need for righteousness on judgement day and that God wanted to give them both grace and how they should repent and believe in Jesus.

“Wow – thank you Lord!” Please pray for the two girls. Neither of them has a bible at home but I encouraged them to buy one or check the internet.

Just so that you don’t start thinking that I am always good at this, this morning I had a tradesman around for a quote and I totally wimped out on witnessing to him. It was definitely God’s grace at work through me tonight.


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