What a failure!

What is with this, just blew it with my neighbour. I was over there talking to them and chickened right out. What a wuss I am. I was thinking stuff like; “If I bring it up now I will sound really arrogant or like a bible basher because I have not spoken to them for such a long time”, “Its going to look too forced”, etc.

Well these are some of my thoughts, but do they in anyway give a valid reason not to evangelise when I know how to and have done so in the past very successfully? Na.

OK lets try again next time.

Possible extra reasons:

  • I have not been mucking into the word
  • I have not been praying

Ray says: “If you want to push over someone twice your size, go to a country where they have starvation, then you will be able to do it easily … you are weak when you don’t eat – the same applies spiritually.” I have not been building myself up – doing so should help.


Report back on how I have been building myself up – give me a couple of weeks an I will let you know if I have consistently applied myself. At the moment, I can honestly say that I am weak on this, very week.


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